Bridgewater Parking Valet Parking Services OR Tambo Airport

Do you have any questions about Valet Parking Services?

  •  How do i book? Go to and do a online booking.
  • Where do i meet the driver? Go to Level 3 undercover parking, the driver will be waiting at the booms.
  • When do i phone you before hand? Phone Chanel 15min prior to your arrival at the airport.
  • Where do i collect the car when i land? At the same place where you dropped off your car at Level 3.
  • Can i pay cash on arrival? Due to covid-19 the driver will not be able to collect the cash from you. Eft is available.
  • What car details do you need from me? Car registration number, car colour, car make.
  • Do i need a covid test to fly domestic? No not at all.
  • Can i fly international for pleasure? Unfortunately not only for business.
  • Can i request a female driver? Yes you can on your booking form or on email.
  • How far is your premises from the airport? 7km.

Covid-19 Information